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A capsule filling machine is a type of automated equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry to fill powdered or granular substances into empty hard gelatin or vegetable capsules. The capsule filling machine typically consists of several components, including a hopper to hold the powders or granules, a dosing system to dispense the material into the capsule shells, and a locking mechanism to secure the two halves of the capsule together.

The filling process begins by loading the empty capsule shells into a tray, which is then inserted into the machine. The hopper is filled with the powdered or granular material, which is dispensed into the capsule shells by the dosing system. The capsule halves are then brought together and locked, creating a secure seal that contains the material inside.

Capsule filling machines can range in size and complexity, from simple manual machines to fully automated high-speed production systems. The type of machine used depends on the production requirements of the pharmaceutical company, including the type of capsule being filled, the fill weight and accuracy, and the desired production rate.

Capsule filling machines can improve efficiency and accuracy in the production of capsule-based products, reducing waste and increasing productivity compared to manual filling methods. Additionally, the use of automated capsule filling machines can help to ensure consistent quality and reduce the risk of human error in the filling process.